Your support is needed

The National Youth Involvement Board is an entirely volunteer-run organization. Since its formation in 1972, the success of NYIB has been possible only through the commitment and support of organizations and individuals who believe in our mission “to equip the credit union industry to reach youth.” Today, we continue to count on this support to help us reach our goals and maintain our status as the number one resource for credit unions when it comes to financial education. There are many different ways to support NYIB. Here are a few ideas:

  • Attend the annual conference
  • Become a conference exhibitor
  • Sponsor a conference session
  • Sponsor a webinar
  • Speak pro bono at our conference or webinar
  • Spread the word about NYIB at a credit union function
  • Support our exhibitors and sponsors
  • Donate a conference scholarship
  • Donate or provide a discount on a service (i.e. conference t-shirts, lanyards, printing, etc.)
  • Make a monetary contribution

Ready to provide a helping hand? Contact Trysh Olson via email to get started.