Frequently Asked Questions

Who can report?

Credit union or league employees and/or volunteers may report qualifying presentations made to groups of 5 or more youth, pre-school to 22 years old.

Presentations do not have to be in a traditional classroom setting. Qualifying presenters can work with church or community youth groups, such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or other organizations. If more than one presenter actively participates, each should submit a separate report detailing his or her contribution.

What types of presentations qualify?

Any presentation that promotes financial literacy or the credit union movement qualifies. Qualifying presentations can be conducted on these and other consumer and financial topics:

  • Budgeting Careers & Income
  • Checking & Money Management
  • Credit
  • CUs vs Banks
  • Risk Management
  • Saving & Investments
  • Reality Fairs

What type of presentations do not qualify?

Although important, presentations that promote the products of a specific credit union or service such as youth savings clubs or teen programs do not qualify. Visits to gather deposits from in-school branches also do not qualify.

How do I report multiple presentations?

Report multiple presentations to the same group on separate forms. To avoid counting the students multiple times you should report the first list of students as usual and report subsequent presentations to the same group with zero students. By following this simple procedure, you will be credited for the correct number of presentations and the correct number of students addressed. For example, in a series of seven presentations to the same 20 students: by reporting the number of students on the first presentation only, you will be creditied for all seven presentations reaching 20 students, not seven presentations reaching 140 students.

Where do I report presentations?

You must first register online before you begin reporting. Once you're registered, you can submit your presentations simply by logging into your NYIB account. Reports are updated in real time so your totals should change as soon as you enter the data.

When should I report my presentations?

Reporting your presentation immediately after you’re finished is a great habit to get into! In fact, consider your effort not finished until after it’s reported. Remember, the reporting year begins July 1 and ends June 30. Only presentations reported by the deadline will be considered for annual awards.