About Reporting Presentations

Reporting youth financial presentations is at the heart of NYIB. We are the only credit union organization that maintains standardized reporting of financial education presentations to youth in the U.S. This reporting information is used by national and state legislators who lobby for mandated financial literacy programs in schools. Data is used locally by leagues and credit unions to promote community service efforts and demonstrate the credit union difference. Strong numbers illustrate how vibrant and effective the profession of reaching and teaching youth is within the credit union industry. When you report your student presentations, you help make a difference.

Reporting a presentation is easy

Simply log into your NYIB account, click the report button, and complete the online form. If you don't have an NYIB account, you will need to create one. Presentations can be reported via desktop, smartphone or tablet. You can also utilize an Excel spreadsheet for quick, multiple entries. Please note, if you use an Excel spreadsheet, you must use the most current version of our standardized spreadsheet available on the reporting page.

Quick reporting tips

  • Presentations are defined as a structured (formal) presentation to a group of young people, not as a "conversation" with three students about financial issues or credit union services
  • Presentations can be conducted in a broad range of educational settings, including a traditional classroom, scout troop meeting, church group, community group, etc.
  • Qualifying presentations can be made by credit union employees, league employees and/or credit union volunteers. All presentations are reported and recorded individually.
  • Presentations that promote a specific credit union or credit union service, such as youth savings club or teen programs are important, but do not qualify. In addition, visits to schools to pick-up deposits for credit union/savings programs or operations of student branches do not qualify.

If you're new to reporting presentations, be sure to review the Reporting FAQ for additional information.

NYIB Reporting Year

The NYIB reporting year runs from July 1 through June 30 of the following year. This is set to coincide with a typical school year and with the NYIB Annual Meeting and Conference held each summer. Presentations can be reported at any time throughout the above identified school year.