A little bit of history

It began in October 1967, when CUNA Mutual Group and the Credit Union National Association began roundtable meetings to find out why young people were not joining credit unions.  At the 1972 youth conference, the Youth Advisory Board established an executive committee and elected a chairman, naming the group the National Youth Involvement Board, or NYIB. It was an answer to a timely challenge: Building a grassroots network of credit union advocates concerned about perception and acceptance of credit unions among younger generations.

By 1977 the focus group goals were reached: a reduced average age of credit union members and increased membership under age 18. NYIB kept going, fostering numerous leaders still serving the movement, inspiring determined work among hundreds of credit unions of all sizes and creative abilities, and documenting through statistics the integrity of not-for-profits’ service philosophy.

NYIB’s members communicate, share, and work together toward the mission of “creating financially savvy individuals and loyal credit union members.” In its first thirty-eight years, they’ve reached millions.

713,638Students Reached